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This video describes how a small community in South Fresno, represented by Ashley Werner and the Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, used the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to stop a large warehouse project that would have threatened the health of its residents.


VC Star May 29, 2023
Newsom’s CEQA changes scorn the people most affected

RLN March 16, 2023
The View From Knoll Hill: The Stakes and the Breakdown

January-May 2023
CEQA Letters to the Editor
CEQA Letters to the Editor, January-May 2023

The San Diego Union Tribune February, 24, 2023
Opinion: California environmental laws are essential to meet housing and climate goals

The Daily Journal October 3, 2022
CEQA misinformation campaign is distracting, dangerous

The Daily Journal May 2, 2022
CEQA Protects California Despite Special Interests’ ‘Big Lie’

48hills August 14, 2022
Why CEQA matters

Capitol Weekly July 7, 2022
Want Good Infrastructure? A Strong CEQA is the Key.
Capitol Weekly (pdf)

The Planning Report May 18, 2022
The Potential for CEQA Reform Post-UC Berkeley Case, by Jerry Meral

March 2022
Letter to State Legislature re CEQA from housing, environmental justice, and conservation groups
Enviro EJ Housing CEQA Letter (pdf)

Santa Rosa Press Democrat May 1, 2022
Close to Home: CEQA is needed more than ever

The Mercury News April 27, 2022
CEQA attacks come as our warming planet most needs the law

The Daily Journal March 29, 2022
The latest attack on CEQA: The UC Berkeley enrollment fiasco

Cal Matters March 25, 2022
UC Berkeley’s problem is poor planning, not CEQA

San Francisco Chronicle March 13, 2022
One reason to keep CEQA — it gives low-income communities of color a chance at environmental justice

Cal Matters February 16, 2022
CEQA advances environmental justice, so why all the hate?

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