Millbrae Station is a multi-modal transit station on the San Francisco Peninsula. The City of Millbrae sets the long-term vision and standards for this station through a Millbrae Station Area Specific Plan. When the City embarked on the planning process for a major expansion of the Plan, 14 public agencies participated in the CEQA process to examine potential impacts on public health, the environment, and cultural resources.

This review process increased local benefits of the Plan, including the provision of affordable housing and public spaces, mitigation of air pollution, and expansion of economic opportunity generators. By planning ahead and incorporating CEQA review into the project development process, the City minimized costs (environmental review came to just 0.025% of the project costs), streamlined CEQA review of future sub-projects, promoted interagency collaboration, and achieved mitigation of public health and environmental impacts of this much-needed transportation, business, and housing project.

Source: BAE Urban Economics (2016). CEQA in the 21st Century. pp. 32-34.

Photo credit: Pi.1415926535, CC BY-SA 3.0